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Amendment 13

What is Amendment 13?

45114776_10214619299489417_3229897449057288192_n.jpgAmendment 13 was a 2018 ballot initiative to amend Florida's constitution effectively banning live greyhound racing as of 2020. This means that, in addition to dog owners, trainers, and other kennel staff losing their livelihoods, as many as 15,000 greyhounds will be displaced and looking for homes. These will not only be dogs from the tracks, they will also be younger dogs still on farms in Florida who have not yet begun their racing careers. GPA National, which is the largest greyhound adoption group in the country, will be working closely with the National Greyhound Association to account for every greyhound currently on a track, in a kennel, or on a farm in Florida, with a goal that no greyhound goes to a "regular" shelter or to a non-greyhound specific adoption organization. As a GPA chapter, GPA MN will step up in aid of these displaced greyhounds and do what we do, find forever loving homes for these wonderful dogs. However, because of the sheer volume of dogs we're talking about all at once, WE WILL NEED YOUR HELP. This is an unprecedented situation that is going to call upon every resource we have.

Our three biggest needs for the immediate term are going to be funding, fosters, and adopters.

  • Funds to get the dogs vetted before they can be adopted (spay/neuter, dental cleaning, required vaccinations, de-wormer). Typically our vetting costs average $500 per dog, and with our adoption fee at $450 we need to raise funds just to break even. Given the number of dogs we're going to be expected to re-home, fundraising will be an even bigger need than it has been.
  • Foster families because every dog we bring into GPA MN is fostered in a home; we do not have a kennel. Again, the number of dogs we're going to be getting will require a much larger number of foster families than we currently have on our roster.
  • Adopters because of course that is our primary goal, getting these retired racers into forever loving families. Moving these dogs from foster homes to permanent homes is our ultimate objective.

We understand that not everyone can donate, foster, or adopt, but even being able to do one of these things would be of great help now and into the foreseeable future. If you can't donate, foster, or adopt, help us promote greyhound adoption; bring your dogs to Meet & Greets and help us educate the public about these wonderful dogs.

Please also know that the GPA MN Board is actively looking at new fundraising ideas, and new promotional opportunities to raise awareness of our objectives. We have some new fundraisers in the planning stages and as these are finalized they will be posted on this site.